Product Quality Management

From Customer Requirement to the Finished Product

Always in focus: our customers' requirements. This is the motto of MONACOR INTERNATIONAL and we continuously optimise our solutions and products to meet these requirements. A close cooperation with our customers and partners as well as an intensive market analysis allow us to develop processes, target values and procedures which create the basis for sustainable and high-quality product solutions.

Product Quality Process


In close cooperation with our customers, suppliers and business partners, we gather new ideas and experiences and combine them with our knowledge gained from extensive market observation and analysis. This process allows us to fully meet our customers' requirements, thus opening up new possibilities for innovative technologies.


Our high quality standards guarantee the greatest possible reliability which we not only promise but also guarantee for three years on all products of our own brands. Nevertheless, should you encounter any problems, our customers can rely on an in-house repair service with expert technicians, a spare parts store offering almost any part required and our technical archive.

Our Technical Customer Service usually carries out repair work within three working days in a customer-oriented and reliable way. In addition, our Technical Customer Service will be happy to help you with technical enquiries on products or software.

Thus, we offer maximum planning reliability at all service levels.


Our experienced product managers always focus on changing customer requirements and work on innovative solutions and products with in-house sample testers and the research and development department. In this case, they examine samples, products and suppliers and analyse deviations from quality standards.


We aim to meet and exceed customer expectations. Our marketing and sales teams use a variety of methods to measure customer satisfaction. In cooperation with our product management, this allows us to optimise products and processes in a customer-oriented way.


The safety of our products is top priority. At MONACOR INTERNATIONAL, we even go one step further and have set our own quality standards above and beyond the respective EU directives and standards. This guarantees both maximum safety and highest reliability. All our samples and products are thoroughly examined and tested in our test laboratories according to these standards and the results are recorded.


As a solution provider for professional PA technology, we are committed to constant and comprehensive quality management. This also includes the compliance with social, ethical and societal values. For this purpose, we conduct regular and comprehensive supplier audits in order to ensure a responsible and entrepreneurial cooperation with our suppliers and business partners. From production to the finished product, our in-house quality manager ensures additional internal and external product quality audits as well as the compliance with continuously changing quality standards and norms.


If you have any questions about our Product Quality Management, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

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If you have any questions about our Product Quality Management, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

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