As an employer, customer and business partner, we are committed to equally follow social, ethical and societal values. Our social and moral responsibility towards our employees, customers and business partners is directly related to all our business activities. Both at management level and among the workforce, this results in an applied understanding of our guidelines and measures which helps us to create an honest, open and fair future together.

Responsibility towards our employees

As a committed employer, we have a duty to ensure responsible corporate management. Thus, we offer a wide range of benefits to people who are motivated and passionate and want to contribute to our company's success on a daily basis and who appreciate an interesting and varied working environment.

In a pleasant working atmosphere where everyone feels absolutely comfortable in their team, we offer our employees flexible working time arrangements, thanks to flexitime and home office. We encourage and support individual training and further education opportunities. Colleagues even have the opportunity to obtain international work experience in our foreign subsidiaries. Our commercial trainees and dual students also benefit from this offer every year, which is an integral part of the curriculum.

We are a training company with passion and commitment. For us as a company and for our trainees, we see it as a great opportunity to support our trainees through intensive supervision and to increase their professional and personal development with growing responsibility. That is why we have a detailed in-house training schedule for each of our trainees. That creates a high level of confidence. In departments where young colleagues spend longer periods of time, they will also be assigned exciting projects to be worked on independently.

The occupational health and safety of our employees is also very important to us. Although we do not have a Feel Good Manager yet, we find it very important to have a healthy and safe working environment. Our workplaces are all equipped according to the latest mandatory standards. In addition, each of our senior managers ensures that all necessary health and safety measures are observed and implemented. We also support a comprehensive fitness programme for our employees, so they can enjoy after-work training courses.

Responsibility towards our suppliers and business partners

Compliance with social, ethical and societal values is indispensable for us, both internally and externally. We want to promote the applied understanding of fundamental values such as respect, honesty, reliability, fairness and transparency. For this purpose, we carry out comprehensive quality audits on a voluntary and regular basis in order to guarantee responsible corporate activities. Based on international legal and human rights regulations, these include the following principles which also apply to our suppliers and business partners:


  • no child labour,
  • ensuring health and safety at work,
  • reasonable remuneration,
  • fair working hours and
  • transparent error report and incident reporting.


Because quality assurance and the responsibility that this implies begins with the selection and work of our reliable suppliers and partners.

Responsibility towards our customers

When it comes to quality, we leave nothing to chance and rely on our own strengths. Our proactive quality policy ensures most reliable products. Tight tolerance limits as well as extensive physical inspections are performed in-house and by independent agencies at the production site. Our complete and comprehensive Product Quality Process from sample to completion of a product can be found here.

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