Additional Qualification: European Clerk

Target Group

The additional training is aimed at high-performing and motivated apprentices from the commercial sector.

Duration and Schedule

The additional qualification is designed to last two years and runs parallel to the dual vocational training. Some of the modules are covered in regular vocational school classes. The rest of the additional lessons are held in the afternoon or at weekends and start in January or February of each year.

Vocational School

The modules take place at different locations in Bremen. You can find a list of locations in the information flyer.

Internship Abroad

Participants gain their first work experience in an international environment during a company placement abroad. They will improve their linguistic skills and develop their intercultural competence. The internship lasts three weeks. It can be completed at any time during the training. In individual cases, it is also possible to complete it up to one year after the end of the apprenticeship.



The qualification 'European Clerk' is awarded by the Bremen Chamber of Commerce after successfully completing a written exam in the field of 'International Business Processes'. Prerequisites for admission to this exam are participation in the additional course 'International Business Processes', proof of a three-week internship abroad, presentation of the foreign language certificates in English and a second foreign language as well as the acquisition of the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL).

Further Information

Further information regarding the additional qualification as a European clerk can be found in the information flyer.

What Our Apprentices Say

“I decided to take the additional qualification as a European clerk to improve my knowledge of foreign languages and to broaden my skills in foreign trade. In addition, the three-week internship abroad is already included in the training plan and the costs incurred in connection with the additional qualification were completely covered by MONACOR INTERNATIONAL.”

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