Compact Audio Solutions, Amplifiers for DIN Rail Installations

Whenever you think of amplifiers for background music, do you also imagine heavy 19” devices which require racks as big as a fridge for installation? Then it is time to rethink. MONACOR offers amplifiers and players for DIN rail installations which can be mounted directly into the distribution cabinet next to standard fuses. Typical flush-mount ceiling speakers, e.g. in practices or office buildings only require a low wattage and can ideally be operated with 100 V rail amplifiers, e.g. EPS30/100V-MI or alternatively with low-impedance amplifier EPS32(2 x 15 W). In addition to the essential audio input, both amplifiers also feature a microphone input. With the EPS110/RS485, there is also an event-driven or programmable MP3 player available which is suitable for DIN rail installations, too. The voltage of the EPS components can ideally be supplied via switch-mode power supply for DIN rail installations, e.g. HDR-60/24. Thus, you have installed the complete technology for the application of your background music in the smallest space possible.

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