Perfect Ambience Thanks to PA Technology from MONACOR


On 26 May, Mövenpick opened a new wine cellar in Rotkreuz ( In addition to 1,000 premium wines, free tastings and their own coffee and snack bar, managing director Alexander Lorenz also focussed on a special ambient sound for the air-conditioned rooms.

With the black ceiling, the audiophile speakers ESP-232/SW from MONACOR are almost invisible. However, they fill the room with pleasant background music. The Internet radio WAP-200 is the source device and offers a comprehensive range of entertainment. The mixing amplifier PA-312 features a silent operation, amplifies the audio signals and then sends them to the 6 speaker systems.

The speakers provide a sound which instantly impressed the team from Mövenpick, the 100 V technology allowed for minimised installation effort and the whole system is accessible to all users.



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