New Trainees!

A few weeks ago, Ms Saskia Kirchhoff and Mr Victor Kulipanow started their training at MONACOR INTERNATIONAL. Saskia chose the dual study programme 'Management in Trade' combined with the apprenticeship 'Assistant for Wholesale and Foreign Trade' while Victor chose the apprenticeship 'Assistant for Wholesale and Foreign Trade'.

When we asked Saskia why she applied with us, she replied: "I chose MONACOR INTERNATIONAL because music plays a huge part in my spare time and I find it quite interesting to work in this area. Furthermore, I enjoy the variety of tasks to be carried out in the individual departments." The close contact with international companies and the wide range of products were the main reasons for Victor to decide on an apprenticeship with us.

Both of them are very keen to get to know the different departments of our company. Beside commercial areas such as import, export and sales, these also include technical and logistic areas as well as the graphics department and marketing. After the first few days, Saskia was very pleased that she had a very informative and educational start to her studies and received a very open and friendly welcome. Victor also had a good start and told us: "I really enjoyed the first couple of weeks. I received a very friendly welcome and was integrated into the working environment straightaway." When we asked both of them what they were looking forward to most, Saskia replied: "I really look forward to marketing and export as well as the ISE 2018 in Amsterdam and the additional work experience abroad during my training." Victor also replied: "The main focus of my training is foreign trade and thus, I look forward to the Export Department because it represents this area best."

We are very happy to have Saskia and Victor in our team and wish them all the best for their studies.





Saskia Kirchhoff from Gronau (Leine)                      Victor Kulipanow from Sulingen

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