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DAB+ for PA mixing amplifiers of the 800 series


DAB+ is digital terrestrial radio and the successor of FM. The advantage of DAB+ is that the user does not require Internet and it is available free of charge throughout Germany. DAB+ provides more than 270 programmes, depending on the region; 70 of which are exclusively via DAB+. You can find out which radio stations can be received for each German state/region at

While IP or online radio is already digital, many people still receive and listen to analogue radio via FM. However, in the long run, analogue FM radio reception via antenna is to be completely replaced by the digital radio standard DAB+. The timetable for this is regulated in the Telecommunications Act: since 21 December 2020, at least one digital reception path is mandatory.

For our PA mixing amplifiers of the 800 series (PA-803DAP [30 W], PA-806DAP [60 W] and PA-812DAP [120 W]) which were previously equipped with an MP3 player, an FM tuner and Bluetooth, we now also offer interference-free DAB+ reception. The first mixing amplifiers PA-803DAP are already available, PA-806DAP and PA-812DAP are expected soon.

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