Active 360° Speakers for Lighting Systems


PA applications are becoming increasingly important for restaurants and bars, retail trade, museums and other public facilities. The young Danish company Spottune offers a PA system with the same name which relies on already installed lighting systems for large-scale PA applications. Spottune OMNI-TRACK is an omnidirectional speaker with acoustic lens and digital signal processing which is supplied with power via lighting rails. The system is also available as a ceiling-mount speaker and speaker element for suspended ceilings. The audio signal is fed to the Spottune speakers via the Spottune STREAM transmitter, using an interference-free 1.9 GHz radio signal. As a solution provider for professional PA technology, MONACOR INTERNATIONAL cooperates with Spottune and has added the Spottune portfolio to its comprehensive project planning support.

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The products in detail:


  • OMNI-TRACK, white or black speaker for the application and mounting to 3-phase high-voltage rail lighting systems, installation via global track adapter
  • OMNI-CORD, white or black pendant speaker for suspended installation to standard ceiling sockets, maximum pendant length: 5 m 
  • OMNI-REC, white or black ceiling-mount speaker for installation into suspended ceilings with a mounting depth of 45 mm
  • STREAM, wireless audio/music streaming transmitter/receiver for streaming music and announcements 
  • SUB, white or black all-in-one smart subwoofer as bass support for the OMNI speakers
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