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MONACOR's New 10-Zone and 20-Zone Amplifiers


For more extensive, large-area and/or subdivided PA applications, MONACOR now provides the new zone mixing amplifiers PA-6010Z and PA-6020Z. The item descriptions already show that the PA-6010Z was designed for up to 10 zones whereas the PA-6020Z was designed for up to 20 speaker lines.

While the lines of signal transmission of the PA-6020Z can be controlled individually, the volume of the 10 zones of the PA-6010Z can additionally be adjusted directly on the front panel. Both 600 W amplifiers feature connection facilities for desktop microphones and zone paging microphones with separately selectable 15 V phantom power as well as 2 additional stereo inputs. Furthermore they provide space for insertion modules such as the digital message and timer module PA-1120DMT. When planning, you should take the power consumption of the speakers which are connected to each zone into account. With the PA-6010Z, each output can provide a maximum of 60 W and with the PA-6020Z, each output can provide 100 W. The total power, however, is limited to 600 W each.

The comprehensive instruction manual describes how to connect and set-up up to 3 PA-4300PTT desktop microphones or up to 32 PA-2400RC zone paging microphones, the settings for different chimes, prioritisation of input channels or the use of the switching inputs for emergency announcements. The manual is available free of charge on the MONACOR product page. The PA-6010Z features an additional 60 W amplifier which allows independent announcements if no more than 2 zones are selected. These announcements are then transmitted to the outputs of selected zones, thus replacing the mixed signal from the main amplifier. This allows an announcement to be made in one or two zones while, for example, music is still played in other zones.

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