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Energy-efficient and silent operation - even under full load


MONACOR has extended the PA-900 series with the three models PA-914DPA-928D and PA-9100D for PA applications. These are mono mixing amplifiers with a nominal power of 140, 280 or 1,000 W for both low-impedance and high-impedance 100 V speakers. They feature PASCAL power amplifier modules and use class D technology which allows fanless cooling concepts, even in this power class.

Compared to similarly high performing PA amplifiers PA-9100D: approx. 5 kg vs. PA-1960 (960 W): 25 kg], the significantly lower weight has a pleasant effect during installation and in continuous operation which is typical for these amplifers, one thing can be noticed for sure: the considerably lower power consumption (1,100 VA vs. 2,600 VA).

Four input channels are switchable between mic and line and feature phantom power (+48 V) which can be activated as required. Input 1 features a talkover function which reduces the volume of the other channels by 40 dB in case an announcement is made. In addition, a terminal clamp for audio signals is connected in parallel to the XLR jack. On the front panel, bass and treble controls can be used for basic tone control. For more complex equalising, the audio signal can be processed externally via connection jacks PRE OUT and AMP IN.

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