Audio Technology from Bremen Supports the 'Breminale'

The 'Breminale' is a German festival taking place in Bremen, Germany. This cultural event at the Osterdeich is now adding the 'Kinderbreminale' (childrens' festival) to its venue for the youngsters. With the support of IMG STAGELINE, it is now possible to have daily shows on the 'Luftschloss' stage at the Altmannshöhe. For the scheduled shows, readings and concerts on stage, IMG STAGELINE is providing both the PA system to deliver the sound to the audience and audio equipment for the artists, e.g. microphones, mixer and other stage equipment. During the 4-day festival of the 'Kinderbreminale', there are already more than 20 shows scheduled for the 'Luftschloss' stage alone.

Click here to view the programme:

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