Thousandfold in use: Power by MONACOR


Nowadays, silent events can be experienced at parties as well as at hip trade fairs, conventions, weddings, silent cinemas and silent concerts.

No matter whether a few dozen or hundreds of people take part, the Austrian event experts from strolzevents accept any challenge and provide with Silent Disco Austria support for neighbour-friendly events far beyond the borders of Austria.

A phenomenal 10,000 headphones are currently in use, each obtaining their power from 2 rechargeable batteries AAA size from MONACOR. It only takes 2.2 hours and the fast-charging NiMH batteries with 900 mAh each are ready for use again.

MONACOR INTERNATIONAL offers a high quality and perfectly adapts products to their target groups. Look on our respective brand website to find out what our product brands got in store for you.
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