Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance for extra security
When it comes to the efficient monitoring of shops, premises, or company grounds, there are basically no alternatives to video technology. Whether with crooked buildings, extensive grounds, or several objects, with well thought-out video surveillance, object security can be implemented perfectly even with manageable staffing levels. Depending on the system used, the entire video surveillance can be remotely managed on a web-based basis. MONACOR offers a diverse, reliable, and perfectly scalable video surveillance technology at a fair price.

Three product lines with surveillance technology for indoor or outdoor use

With the HYBRID, COMFORT, and PROJECT lines, MONACOR offers you three different types of video surveillance technology. You can buy the components such as recorders or cameras individually or as a set.

MONACOR overgrowth cameras are available in many different versions in the HYBRID Line. With all cameras you can rely on innovative and modern video technology. You can purchase pure indoor cameras as well as robust and weatherproof outdoor video surveillance. The ten available colour cameras provide excellent footage and use the latest compression technology to save space on the recorders. Even with unfavourable light or backlight, the cameras provide a captivatingly clear picture. At the same time, you can choose your required recording equipment from a wide range including stationary module cameras over weatherproof outdoor cameras with sun protection up to the pivoting surveillance camera for interiors.

The more powerful COMFORT Line captivates with high-resolution camera images, which are recorded with a resolution of up to three megapixels.

Opt for the PROJECT Line and rely on innovative network surveillance cameras in more than 30 different configurations. You can choose between swivel or fixed IP cameras and other models for indoor or outdoor use.

Modern and powerful recorder for your video surveillance

MONACOR combines state-of-the-art picture technology with innovative and flexible storage systems in the field of video surveillance. Our recorders have a multi-channel design and have a high hard disk storage capacity as a standard. Depending on the model, the devices are network-compatible and can be integrated into a complete security system. Remote monitoring or a transfer of the stored image material in the cloud are also possible.

You can also easily expand the local storage capacity with suitable memory modules from MONACOR.

Use high-efficiency technology in video surveillance and trust the experience and know-how of MONACOR!

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