Security Technology

Security Technology

Safety technology from MONACOR: efficient theft and burglary protection
Safety is an important asset. With technical solutions from MONACOR you can efficiently increase the security in your company or your home. Our product range includes reliable and high-performance burglar alarm systems as well as anti-theft devices. In addition, MONACOR's state-of-the-art video surveillance systems take your property protection to a new level.

Versatile alarm systems for a functioning property security

In order to secure your home, your warehouse or your business premises, MONACOR offers you a variety of security systems to choose from. You can fall back on state-of-the-art wireless alarm systems as well as on highly secure wired models. At the same time, all systems can be individually adapted to the constructional or safety-relevant requirements and, for example, combined with motion detectors or glass break detectors. In addition, experience innovative solutions such as our GSM modules, which inform you of an alarm via SMS. Whichever MONACOR security system you choose, you benefit from both reliable functionality and very simple handling.

Powerful anti-theft video surveillance systems

You can't have your eyes everywhere. This applies all the more for larger premises, winding business premises or extensive warehouses. Even in small shops, video surveillance can provide even more theft security. With MONACOR you can perfectly scale your video surveillance according to your needs. You can choose from complete sets with which you can inexpensively implement an efficient anti-theft device. Of course, all components are also available separately. Remote access to these systems is also possible via smartphone for you or your security team.

Security technology that includes more than just burglary protection

We understand security technology in a holistic context. Thus, you have the option of buying not just only alarm systems or also anti-theft systems with us. We also offer a wide range of alarms, such as smoke detectors or carbon monoxide alarms. These systems are recommended in private homes as well as in industrial plants, offices, or warehouses. If hazardous limits are exceeded on your premises, the systems will sound the alarm.

Use MONACOR to implement your individual security system perfectly and professionally. Here you will find all the necessary components to reliably increase your own safety as well as the safety of family members and employees.

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