Volume controls and accessories

Volume controls and accessories

Versatile MONACOR modules for volume control in PA systems
To remotely control the volume of announcements, background sound or other audio sources using PA systems, MONACOR offers a wide selection of volume controls. These components are designed for 100-volt public address systems and can be easily integrated into an existing system. In this way it is possible to control the volume per room or building with just one controller.

Volume control for installation in racks or wall mounting
MONACOR volume controls for PA systems are available for both wall mounting and rack mounting. Simple PA volume controllers are available for surface or flush mounting. This allows these modules to be perfectly and inconspicuously integrated into rooms. The volume control is done via a mechanical regulator in increments of 1 to 10. More than 20 different models are available at MONACOR. In addition to simple volume controls, there are also combinations available, which contain a program controller or level control at the same time. Level controls allow the signals of other audio sources to be perfectly looped in.

If desired, you can also combine the volume control with a speaker control panel to turn additional speakers on or off.

Matching accessories for your volume control modules

To optimally install the volume controls, MONACOR will provide you with suitable cable material, as well as mounting frames, flush-mount or AP enclosures, and brackets. If you want to integrate conventional speakers or amplifiers into your PA system, we offer you a wide range of high-performance audio transformers. These 100-volt audio transmitters enable sound over long distances.

Various uses
MONACOR PA volume controls can be used in a variety of ways. The combined devices with program selector switches are ideal for hotels that want to provide their guests with various music or radio channels via an PA system. The simple controls allow a very simple operation.
In addition, volume controls can be installed in public facilities such as schools or government agencies.

Likewise, the controllers are suitable for corporate buildings, which are sonicated via an electroacoustic system. In this way, the volume in each room can be controlled separately.

Easy-to-use, high-quality, and affordable volume control for your speaker system - of course from MONACOR!

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