Voice alarm

Voice alarm

Audio systems for voice alarms from MONACOR
In emergency situations such as evacuations, many people have to be reached at once. Powerful and fail-safe audio technology is needed for this purpose. With MONACOR you rely on state-of-the-art voice alarm systems with reliable PA systems, which are certified according to EN-54-16 for voice alarm systems and meet the strict requirements of DIN EN 60849 and DIN VDE 0833-4. In addition to system components and audio systems you will find suitable speaker systems and intercom systems for alarm situations.

Highest reliability in case of emergency

MONACOR is known for its high quality in audio management systems for stages or buildings. With our EVA audio controllers, we go one step further and create robust technology that is 100 percent reliable in emergencies. The audio management controllers, for example, can be directly linked to fire brigade stations and provide the necessary functionality even in the event of an accident. At the same time, several speaker lines can be controlled with just one device. You can also connect system intercoms equipped with EN-54 certified microphones. MONACOR has developed the PA fireman's microphone especially for rescue teams. It supports those involved in safe evacuation and rescue.

For the safe assembly and installation of your voice alarm systems, we offer suitable device racks, which are also certified to EN 54-16.

ELA speaker systems for inside and outside

Your voice alarm systems can be complemented with suitable ELA speakers from MONACOR. You can choose from ceiling speakers that can be integrated perfectly with the existing building structure, as well as handy wall speakers. For outdoor use we offer robust pressure chamber loudspeakers. All speakers offered here are aligned and certified for voice alarms. Matching mounting accessories are also available from MONACOR.

System components for your emergency loudspeaker system

In order to quickly inform employees or guests in an emergency, all MONACOR voice alarm systems can be combined with suitable microphones. All desk or handheld microphones in this category have the required EN 54-16 certification and can be used for public buildings or corporate premises in accordance with legal evacuation or rescue requirements.

For the integration into public address systems according to EN 60849, our range also has ELA fire department stations. For example, these components are activated after an alarm input and provide direct access to fire stations.

On request, your voice alarm with MONACOR components, such as the 24 V emergency power supply, can also be operated autonomously from the power grid over a certain period of time. This additional safety function is important, for example, when the power supply is interrupted by an accident in your building.

Professional voice alarms according to EN 54-16 for public institutions or company buildings - easy, efficient and cost-effective with MONACOR!

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