Loudspeakers from MONACOR - versatile products for the perfect indoor and outdoor PA
When it comes to speaker technology, MONACOR is known for an enormous variety of products that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Whether PA systems for loudspeaker set-up, DSP loudspeakers for PA concepts, or 100 volt loudspeakers for the perfect broadcast over a large distance: We have suitable loudspeaker solutions for almost every PA project. In addition to classic loudspeaker boxes, we also offer powerful column loudspeakers, ceiling speakers with discreet optics, and robust outdoor speakers.

Low-impedance, 100-volt, or active loudspeakers - with MONACOR you are prepared for anything

Our range of loudspeaker technology is very large. In the PA sector, 100 V loudspeakers are usually required for large buildings. You can output sound over thin cables over longer distances and amplifier modules. Low-impedance models are also suitable for direct pickup from the amplifier and can be used in single rooms or smaller buildings. Our active loudspeakers are designed for PA systems on stages, in clubs or at events, where great performance is also required in the bass range. Matching subwoofers are also available from MONACOR.

Our speaker program also covers voice alarm systems certified to EN 54-24 for this purpose. Corresponding accessories such as suitable amplifiers or microphones can be found at MONACOR, too.

Indoor or outdoor speakers, for ceiling or wall mounting

Depending on the model, MONACOR loudspeakers can be mounted and used indoors or outdoors. For the use of your public-address system you can choose between classic PA loudspeakers in various formats and designs. Whether ceiling mounted ballasts or built-in loudspeakers for ceilings, wall speakers, or column loudspeakers, with MONACOR you can perfectly sound almost any outdoor area, for example in hotel complexes, on company premises, or at trade fairs. For alarm systems or voice alarms, reliable and efficient horn speakers are available.

Speakers for indoor use are even more diverse and include ceiling speakers, built-in speakers, wall speakers, and free-standing active speakers. Suitable mounting systems are usually included in the delivery or are available from MONACOR.

Perfect adaptation of loudspeaker systems to the respective requirements - with MONACOR you benefit from maximum flexibility and top performance indoors and outdoors.

MONACOR INTERNATIONAL offers a high quality and perfectly adapts products to their target groups. Look on our respective brand website to find out what our product brands got in store for you.
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