Signal processing

Signal processing

Professional signal processing for your sound systems
Whether sound transmissions in announcements, at concerts, or round-tables arrive perfectly to receivers depends on many factors. But with suitable components such as DI boxes, matrix routers, or controllers, you can ensure perfect signal processing in virtually any room. With technical solutions from MONACOR you can optimise your sound transmission professionally and for a reasonable price.

Efficient multiroom signal control
Our range includes high-performance matrix routers, with which you can efficiently control the signal transmission in several rooms, even in larger buildings. Your sound systems can be perfectly adapted to your needs with our modules and individual components. For example, you can combine your digital audio routers with wall modules or PA command microphones. This results in reliable signal transmission systems that produce a clear sound in any situation. Suitable speaker systems and amplifiers can also be found at MONACOR.

Powerful controllers with an innovative and simple operating concept
With MONACOR controllers, you get the perfect components for the implementation of sophisticated sound reinforcement concepts. No matter whether it's about supplying several rooms with background music or whether you want to control a loudspeaker system in your company rooms, at MONACOR you'll find professional control solutions at a reasonable price. This allows you to control digital controllers, depending on the model, via app, PC, or Mac. In addition, the controllers are suitable for large PA systems and stage performances. The soundcheck is then, thanks to the smartphone app, easily possible without a problem from the audience side. In combination with MONACOR loudspeaker and amplifier technology, you can assemble your perfect sound system for almost any room size. It is also possible, for example, to connect several controllers in parallel and set up the sound for large halls. If the controller is also equipped with a Dante module, the sound arrangement can be easily connected to an existing sound system.

Signal optimisation with MONACOR - DI box, audio transmitter, mass filter, and more
Long cabling or wireless technology can affect the audio quality of public address systems. In order to avoid disturbances in the signal transmission and to optimise the sound quality of your acoustic systems, MONACOR offers various practical solutions. In addition to DI boxes, you can use ground filters or stereo level controls. Our products are designed for professional use and prove themselves at the same time by their ease of use, their robust design, and their excellent price performance ratio. A combination with PA technology from MONACOR is easily possible.

MONACOR - we have everything for perfect signal processing!

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