Portable PA Systems

Mobile amplifiers and sound systems from MONACOR
Whether for lectures or last-minute appearances, for fairs, or promotions in pedestrian areas, mobile music systems from MONACOR ensure optimal performance at all times. Powerful batteries let you entertain your listeners for hours without direct stationary power. At the same time, you can rely on maximum reliability, excellent audio reproduction, and versatile connection options for other audio sources. By default, every mobile speaker has a professional UHF PLL system for wireless audio transmission.

Easy to transport, easy handling, ready to use
Mobile amplifiers from MONACOR impress with their very easy handling. The devices can be used immediately on site with just a few simple steps. At the same time, many transportable amplifier systems have practical carrying handles or telescoping extensions. So you can set up your mobile music or public address system wherever you need it. Thanks to their easy handling and easy transport, MONACOR mobile amplifiers are suitable for many different purposes. The powerful sound systems, for example, have proven their quality many times at cosmetic stands in department stores or in front of shops. They can be used for promotions or store openings.

You can also use mobile PA systems from MONACOR for lectures. For smaller premises we also have mobile voice amplifiers in our assortment. These handy devices have a microphone as well as a small loudspeaker, through which your lectures can be efficiently amplified.

The use of mobile amplifiers is also possible at small celebrations or in combination with a mobile karaoke system. The devices have all the possible audio channel connections built in.

Easy connectivity for professional users
All MONACOR mobile amplifiers can be used with UHF PLL systems. This allows wireless microphones or other audio devices to be easily connected to the equipment. Up to 16 frequencies are adjustable and can be used, for example, for different speakers or actors on a mobile stage. Depending on the model, the portable PA systems can be equipped with CD players or MP3 playback devices. In addition, most models provide connectivity for audio devices or microphones. Some of our portable amplifiers can also be connected to additional speakers for even louder sound.

Mobile amplifiers from MONACOR - the professional and flexible sound reinforcement solution.

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