Mixers and players

Mixers and players

Mixers and players for a perfect sound output
Mixing desks are required when discussing the idea of having multiple participants or combining different audio sources in your PA system. MONACOR provides reliable devices to perfectly mix audio from microphones or other sources. In order to expand your sound system, we offer suitable players for media such as MP3, audio CDs, and Bluetooth audio.

Perfect multiroom sound reinforcement

It is not always appropriate when music is output via a sound system in all rooms with the same volume. Similarly, it may be useful to provide a building with different audio signals. In this case, mixing consoles are essential. MONACOR mixing consoles are perfectly designed for multi-room control of your sound system. The audio mixers are designed for up to four zones and have corresponding audio inputs. For example, while you play some ambient music in the lobby area of your company, you can use your mixing console in the sales rooms to do without music and start regular announcements with current offers. It is also possible with a mixer to mix microphone announcements with other audio sources.

Robust players for various media

If you want to extend your ELA system, MONACOR offers a variety of MP3 and CD players. You can also integrate stereo network receivers into your system and control them via a mixer. For example, it is possible to easily provide several rooms with up-to-date radio entertainment or to feed own music via the smartphone into the public address system via a network player. Modern radio technology such as DAB + is available at MONACOR as well as classic monophonic amplifiers for your ELA system. Basically, thanks to extensive accessories, you have the option of controlling and mixing almost any digital sound source via MONACOR mixing consoles.

To use additional audio sources, you can also use MONACOR for practical built-in modules. Everything is possible, from the Bluetooth receiver to the MP3 module to rack or wall mounting. The modules allow you to easily extend the functionality of MONACOR amplifier systems.

Mixing consoles and audio players from MONACOR - the perfect complement to your professional sound system.

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