Microphones and Headphones

Microphones and Headphones

Microphones and headphones from MONACOR - Made for perfect audio recording
Microphones are the basis of all successful audio transmissions and broadcasts. MONACOR offers a wide range of professional microphones that can be used in many different areas. Thanks to the latest technology, anyone can benefit from a clear and natural sound. For efficient sound monitoring, you'll also find powerful headphones and headsets in this category.

Find the perfect microphone for conferences, studios, or lectures

With MONACOR you're relying on a manufacturer whose microphones have proven themselves many times over in real-world applications. For instance, our table microphones are often used at conferences. Likewise, these products, depending on the model, are also suitable for announcements about large PA systems in buildings.

Our interface microphones are also suitable for meetings in conference rooms as well as for the recording of musical instruments or singing at performances. These special microphones are quick and easy to install and even work in combination with all popular audio transmission systems.

For speakers and fitness instructors we also have headband microphones. They allow for faster movements, without the possibility of the microphone slipping off the speaker's head. Interviewees in interviews can be equipped with MONACOR earhook microphones or immediately access our discreet clip-on microphones.

Speakers around the world trust MONACOR gooseneck microphones for clear audio transmission, which can be quickly and easily mounted on lecterns.

Our microphone range is rounded off with directional microphones. They can be combined into several and used for recording conversations or concerts, for example. The advantage of directional microphones is that they can be used from a distance.

Versatile professional headphones and earphones

In order to achieve the best possible sound for audio transmissions to a public address system, it must be continuously monitored. MONACOR has, for this reason, high-quality and powerful headphones in its program. Our earphones are suitable for performing on stage. The combination of headphones and boom microphone is both designed for sound engineers and applicable in call centers.

Extensive microphone accessories

In order to make the best use of your MONACOR microphones, we offer practical accessories, from pedestals to pickups for guitars. A wide range of microphone goosenecks and microphone holders are also available.

In order to be able to work without external noise even when shooting outdoors, our range of accessories includes reliable wind protection for your microphone technology.

Microphones and headphones for a variety of professional applications - inexpensive and in top quality from MONACOR!

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