Megaphones from MONACOR - Large selection in various designs
Whether at major events or as an equipment component of law and rescue forces, with a megaphone from MONACOR you can always make an impressive announcement. With our assortment you?ll profit from a wide selection of products, from the small handheld megaphone with 10 watts up to a fully professional device with a characteristic pressure of more than 120 decibels. No matter which model you choose: With MONACOR, you benefit from an excellent value for money.

Reliable and modern megaphone technology

The megaphone has been used as an open mouthpiece for over 400 years. When the Englishman Samuel Morland invented this device in 1670, megaphones were still simple funnels made of glass or iron. Modern megaphones like the MONACOR devices work on the same principle and thus continue a long tradition. But in terms of material and performance our megaphones have nothing in common with the original equipment. These public address machines are made of sturdy plastic. The material is lightweight at the same time, making the megaphones easy to handle. Inside, there are amplifiers that produce a sound pressure that can drown out a chainsaw. In short: With megaphones from MONACOR, you will ensure the necessary attention needed for announcements, alerts, or notifications. At the same time you can be extremely flexible with the battery-powered products and can use them completely separate from a stationary power supply.

More than just mouthpieces
Megaphones from MONACOR amplify the human voice very efficiently, so that the device is easy to understand even over long distances in squares. In addition to the standard voice function, you can also play siren tones with our megaphones. Depending on the model, voice input via microphone is also possible or you can feed in audio sources via MP3. As an option, MONACOR also includes a powerful wireless megaphone which can be connected to an external microphone via radio transmission.

Basically, our megaphones are suitable for security forces or rescue teams, in order to give announcements precisely at places with large crowds. In addition, MONACOR megaphones can also be used for sports games and other large events.

Rely on professional PA technology at an affordable price - with megaphones from MONACOR!

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