Inductive sound systems

Inductive sound systems from MONACOR - efficient sound optimisation for people with hearing aids
Modern hearing aids ensure that people with impaired hearing can again participate better in their environment. But these powerful devices usually reach their limits when the noise level increases. In this case, hearing aids can no longer separate relevant audio signals from the remaining noise sources, and the wearers hear an incomprehensible sound mix. With MONACOR inductive sound systems, you ensure that people with hearing aids can follow events on stage, even at major events.

This is how inductive sound amplifiers from MONACOR work
The principle of our inductive sound systems is very simple. The installation requires an induction loop and an induction amplifier. The amplifier is a constant current amplifier that drives the induction loop. This is in principle a simple wire wrap, which can be installed in ceilings, in floors or in walls. As soon as the induction loop receives the signals of the amplifier, it builds up a magnetic field.

Induction-type hearing aids or special induction receivers, which are used within this magnetic field, build up an electrical voltage and convert it into an audio signal. In this way it is very effectively prevented that noises are picked up by the hearing aid. The person with a hearing aid can therefore concentrate fully on the audio signals that, for example, supplies a band on stage, a singer, a speaker or a discussion group. Another advantage of the system is the wireless transmission of the audio signal. Therefore, people with hearing aids need do nothing but be within the radius of the induction loop.

With the help of powerful induction amplifiers from MONACOR, inductive sound systems can also be created in large rooms of up to 200 square meters.

Various uses
Induction hearing systems from MONACOR are already widely used in practice. In churches, you can make sure your community members with hearing aids can better follow the Mass. At events in public institutions, you offer people with limited hearing the opportunity to fully participate in lectures or discussions. Similarly, the technique can be used at conferences when translators have to translate orally, focusing only on one soundtrack without disturbing noise levels.

MONACOR inductive sound systems - Reliable and innovative technology for versatile applications.

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