Audio network technology

Audio network technology

Audio network technology - versatile possibilities with MONACOR
If network technology is combined with audio technology, even more flexible usage possibilities are created for users. With MONACOR's audio network technology, you can control your PA systems in a perfectly decentralised manner and control them across multiple locations. In addition, network-based audio systems offer even more options for streaming audio.

Audio over IP with MONACOR

A big advantage of audio systems with network access is the easy audio transmission. Speakers and amplifiers can be quickly and easily integrated into an existing network and conveniently controlled via PC, notebook, or even mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. When you play audio, you have a lot of flexibility and, as with traditional PA systems, you can feed speech through microphones into the speaker system, or you can enjoy streaming by remotely sending information through the PA system. This flexibility applies to pure information or entertainment systems as well as to security systems. For example, it is possible to coordinate evacuation measures with network audio technology remotely.

Easy device assignment and installation

Network-based audio systems from MONACOR offer a high degree of security and reliability. At the same time, new devices can be easily integrated into existing networks using proven systems such as Dante®. The Ethernet integration of individual devices ensures high data security. Thanks to suitable interfaces via Bluetooth audio or WLAN modules, audio sources can also be integrated wirelessly. For example, this will allow you to play your digital audio network with portable players. If you opt for wireless audio transmission systems, there is no need to lay appropriate cables.

Versatile application possibilities in small and large buildings

Digital network systems for audio transmission are suitable for many different purposes. For example, with MONACOR network technology, you can use different branches of your retail store to play the same background music across locations. In emergency situations, it is also possible to issue decentralised important information to persons on site via a PA system via an audio network system. Even at airports or train stations, decentralised systems can make sense in order to provide up-to-date information for passengers at several locations at the same time.

Secure, affordable, and reliable audio network technology for professional use - of course from MONACOR.

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