Powerful amplifiers from MONACOR for PA, Hifi, or your car
Amplifier technology from MONACOR supports you in many areas. This means you can just use public address systems or electroacoustic systems with our amplifiers, even in large buildings. Depending on the selected model, our amplifiers and power amplifiers are also designed for PA systems or Hifi devices. In addition, you will also find stereo amplifiers for car Hifi in our range. All amplifier models are designed for reliable performance in professional use as well as in private use. Like all MONACOR products, this product combines the perfect combination of low price and high performance.

PA amplifier for optimal sound

In the ELA segment, MONACOR amplifiers play to their full advantage. The devices are available as digital or analogue power amplifiers and as zone mixers for up to 20 zones. The selection of models offers you a wide range of services, which is also sufficient for sounding larger buildings. The mono amplifiers are designed for reliable performance, so you can rely on full performance for announcements or music. The amplifier systems are also suitable for use at conferences to amplify the acoustic signals captured by microphones without sacrificing performance.

With digital ELA amplifiers from MONACOR you can expand your possibilities of use. At the same time you reduce the energy consumption of the devices. The higher energy efficiency is especially noticeable on battery power.

If you choose ELA mono mixing amplifiers, additional audio sources such as MP3, USB, or radio can be used and fed into your loudspeaker system.

Amplifier for stage performances

Stereo amplifiers from MONACOR can be combined with PA systems from our company. In this way, you get a powerful sound system for concerts with bands or events with speakers. Of course, you will also find additional accessories such as microphones and audio transmitters for perfect sound reproduction at MONACOR.

The range of amplifiers at MONACOR is rounded off by robust Hifi stereo amplifiers, which you can use for musical sound reinforcement in your business premises or in your home. As with all our products, you benefit from sophisticated technology for professionals at a reasonable price.

Premium amplifier for ELA, Hifi or PA - top quality at a fair price with MONACOR!

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