Transport and Storage

Transport and Storage

Transport boxes and rack accessories from MONACOR
When it comes to transporting and storing your MONACOR electronic products, we offer you a comprehensive portfolio of suitable products. The spectrum ranges from the flight case for electronic devices to the installation bag for PA systems. All products are designed for a long life and an optimum protection of your installations and equipment. At the same time these articles are attractive because of their favourable price.

Robust transport solutions for CDs, amplifiers, and PA systems
With our roll and flight cases, mixing consoles, amplifiers, and other audio systems can be perfectly transported. Therefore the electronics are optimally protected against impact or damage. That's why MONACOR flightcases are used by DJs around the world. You can also transport your equipment safely on flights or in trucks and rely on them working properly at your next event. Understandably, our racks and cases are also suitable for stage technicians and sound engineers who need to transport their equipment to their next gig. Due to the universal design of the transport boxes, they are also suitable for the transport of other electronics or sensitive devices. In these cases, we recommend, for example, using our universal flight cases with foam inner lining. All racks and cases are made of sturdy material and are additionally reinforced on the corners.

Transport boxes and mobile racks can be supplemented with suitable transport wheels or fittings from MONACOR.

Durable accessories for studio racks and equipment racks
Your amplifiers, power amps, or audio mixers for the recording studio will be in the perfect place in 19-inch studio racks from MONACOR. The robust housing protects the tech from damage. At the same time, most studio racks can be easily moved thanks to built-in wheels.

In addition to professional equipment for studios, we also have equipment racks in our product range that are suitable, for example, for public address systems in concert halls or large buildings. They are intended for in-house use and not equipped like rolling studio racks.

All MONACOR rack solutions are made of high quality material and are proven by their solid processing. At the same time, the racks provide optimal ventilation for the devices stored in them.

Studio racks, mobile transport boxes, and racks for your equipment - professional and affordable storage and transport solutions from MONACOR.

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