Stands and holders

Stands and holders

Tripods for microphones or speakers from MONACOR
MONACOR not only provides you with excellent sound and audio technology, but also the right accessories. With us you?ll find robust and durable speaker stands as well as microphone stands for your stage performances. In addition, you will receive high-quality wall mounts or instrument stands from MONACOR. As for all MONACOR products, the following also applies for this category: They rely on professional quality at a fair price.

Set up the speaker safely - with tripods from MONACOR
MONACOR speaker stands are characterised by their easy handling and their high stability. You can choose from a range of products with a load capacity of up to 40 kilograms for heavy boxes. Depending on the purpose of use, you can also opt for telescoping speaker stands that can be extended to a height of over 200 centimetres. Most MONACOR tripods for your speakers can be folded up easily and are thus flexible in their use. At the same time you don?t have to worry if they?re safe, because the speaker tripods are TÜV-approved. By the way, you also get many speaker stands as a set with a practical carrying case.

If you want to suspend your loudspeakers, you will also find the right accessories for that at MONACOR. High-quality bags for transport are also available from us.

The microphone always at hand - microphone stands from MONACOR

Microphone stands by MONACOR are available either as a floor or table setup. The sturdy stands ensure that your microphone is held securely. Thanks to their robust construction, MONACOR microphone stands are very durable and perfectly designed for professional use on stage or at events. The products are also designed for easy handling. Some models can also be operated with one hand.

In practice, microphone stands from MONACOR are used in a variety of ways. So you can find our products on many stages around the world as well as in concert halls, recording studios, and at conferences.

For musicians, bands, and other artists our assortment offers a selection of high quality instrument stands, like those for keyboards or guitars. Stable music stands complete the portfolio.

Professional tripods in a variety of configurations for speakers or microphones - from MONACOR, excellent quality at an affordable price!

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