Speaker Technology

Speaker Technology

Loudspeaker components from MONACOR for DIYers
Anyone who would like to manufacture individual loudspeakers in their own building not only requires well-engineered blueprints, but also the right components. MONACOR offers an extensive selection of components with which you can build your own hifi speakers or PA speakers. Other accessories such as coils or regulators can also be found here. You benefit not only from a large variety of products, but from excellent material and workmanship quality at a low price.

PA speakers as a kit - With MONACOR you?ve struck gold
Have you always been looking for the perfect sound, but have not yet found a speaker system that meets your needs? Then you have come to the right place, because here at MONACOR you?ll find subwoofers, midrange drivers, and tweeters for PA systems. Horns are also available for the very powerful sound. The spectrum ranges from small versions for placement on a shelf or floor standing boxes to sound sources with high sound pressure. With our woofers you can, for example, create a self-designed subwoofers as a high-power profile solution with up to 1,000 watts of power at eight ohms, or perfectly build matched PA speakers for your needs.

DIY hifi speakers
For technology enthusiasts and hi-fi enthusiasts, the self-construction of loudspeakers is more than just a hobby, but a passion. MONACOR offers you maximum flexibility in choosing your high, mid or subwoofers. Within our assortment you?ll also find hi-fi chassis, which can be attached directly to the speaker housing. For universally applicable compact speakers our broadband loudspeakers are a great solution. If you want to implement individual sound systems in your club, your home or your company, you can also use miniature loudspeakers from MONACOR.

No matter whether you want to build PA or hifi boxes yourself, with MONACOR you benefit from an enormous selection of more than 300 different components. Of course, our portfolio also includes matching crossovers, transformer core coils, ferrite coils, and air coils, with which you can create your specially developed speakers. Matching pole terminals for the connection of loudspeaker cables as well as bass tubes and other accessories round off the loudspeaker DIY range from MONACOR.

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