Cables and Plug-in Connectors

Cables and Plug-in Connectors

MONACOR cables for audio and data transmission
When it comes to high-performance and reliable cabling of your stage, lighting, data, or PA technology, MONACOR has the perfect products in its range. Connecting cables are available as rolled goods for very large installations or as prefabricated cables with corresponding connections for sound or lighting systems. Our cable assortment is supplemented by antenna and power cables. In short: With MONACOR you can wire almost any electronic system safely and inexpensively!

High-quality speaker cables in many designs for your sound systems
MONACOR speaker cables are available in many different versions. What distinguishes all audio cables is their excellent transmission quality. Most speaker cables are made of OFC copper. The oxygen-free material is particularly clean and ensures an impressive sound experience. On request, you can receive your speaker cables as a 50-meter or as a 100-meter roll. This also allows large rooms or entire houses to be provided with audio cables.

In addition to hifi speaker cables, MONACOR also offers suitable cabling for PA systems or other audio systems.

Microphone cable for perfect audio transmission

Microphone cables are available from MONACOR as a jack or XLR cables. There are different colours and lengths to choose from. The material used is designed for professional use and ensures reliable performance at your stage or trade fair appearances. The XLR cables can be used as both line and microphone cables. Noise reduction is ensured by the low-noise design.

Reliable DMX cables for your lighting systems
For lighting technology, special demands are placed on cables. With MONACOR you can also professionally wire your lighting systems to stages or events.

Versatile audio, hifi, and data cables
No matter if you want to connect the individual components of your stereo system, your printer with your PC or a projector with a screen, MONACOR will surely have the right cable for you. The same applies to antenna cables from satellite dishes to receivers or house antennas to televisions.

With MONACOR you can also lay your cables in the wall. We have suitable installation sockets for every data, audio or lighting system. Take advantage of this opportunity to "hide" your cables and benefit from a high-performance connection option for public address or lighting systems.

Cables, adapters, and more for your lighting, sound, and lighting technology in proven quality for a reasonable price - Of course from MONACOR!

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